Shahriar Kaisar

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Smart mobile devices have become immensely popular among the people worldwide and provide a new platform for generating and sharing contents. The centralized and hybrid architectures for content sharing require constant Internet connection, increase traffic and incur costs. To address these issues several content sharing approaches have been proposed using(More)
In this work we investigate decentralized content exchange among tourists who are mostly strangers, depicts irregular movement patterns and most likely not to have any prior social relationship or difficult to establish any in a tourist spot. We incorporate user's interest, trustworthy online recommendations, and place-centric information to facilitate(More)
Decentralized content sharing (DCS) is emerging as an important platform for sharing contents among smart mobile device users, where devices form an ad-hoc network and communicate opportunistically. Existing DCS approaches for tourist spot like scenarios achieve low delivery success rate and high latency as they do not focus on dynamic demand for contents(More)
Message forwarding is an integral part of the decentralized content sharing process as the content delivery success highly depends on it. Existing literature employs spatio-temporal regularity of human movement pattern and pre-existing social relationship to take message forwarding decisions. However, such approaches are ineffectual in environments where(More)
The problem of detection and removal of noise in digital images is Vast. Many techniques have been used for removal of noise from the given set of images. In this paper, we present algorithm that can be used for removal of various type of noise for the given test images. Various classifiers have been proposed. We proposed PSNR with varying threshold as the(More)
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