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In mammography diagnosis systems, high False Negative Rate (FNR) has always been a significant problem since a false negative answer may lead to a patient's death. This paper is directed towards the development of a novel Computer-aided Diagnosis (CADx) system for the diagnosis of breast masses. It aims at intensifying the performance of CADx algorithms as(More)
Classification of breast abnormalities such as masses is a challenging task for radiologists. Computer-aided Diagnosis (CADx) technology may enhance the performance of radiologists by assisting them in classifying patterns into benign and malignant categories. Although Neural Networks (NN) such as Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) have drawbacks, namely long(More)
The power-delay product is a direct measurement of the energy expanded per operational cycle of an arithmetic circuit. Lowering the supply voltage of the full adder cell to achieve low power-delay product is a sensible approach to improve the power efficiency at sustainable speed of arithmetic circuits composed of such instances at high level design. In(More)
To compensate for bias field inhomogeneity and reduce noise, we incorporate domain-based knowledge and spatial information into a brain segmentation algorithm by proposing a new multi-layer Hidden Markov model. Brain tissues include Gray Matter (GM), White Matter (WM), and Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF). A typical slice of a brain image either contains GM, GM-WM(More)
In this paper a new No-Reference (NR) objective quality measurement method based on spread spectrum technique and discrete wavelet transform using ROI processing is proposed. In this method we divide the original image into two separate sub-images called ROI and non-ROI. Region of interest (ROI) is the decision area in a medical image which is very(More)
Rosette pattern scanning is a method of scanning in a space of field of view (FOV), so that an entire surface can be scanned by the rosette pattern model. Regarding the nonlinearity of rosette patterns, there are complicated calculations. We can map rosette pattern space to a two-dimensional space called RMA. In this space, nonlinearity effects of rosette(More)
Many research works have been done in face recognition during the last years that indicates the importance of face recognition systems in many applications including identity authentication. In this paper we propose an approach for face recognition which is suitable for unconstrained image acquisition and has a low computational cost. Since in practical(More)