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—This paper presents a method for Malaysian car number plate detection system. This method utilizes template matching technique to approximate the location of the number plate region. Using the output from this template matching technique, colour information is used to eliminate the unwanted colour areas from the approximate number plate region without(More)
In this paper a combination of skin color and neural network to detect multiface is proposed. The feasibility of using skin color and neural network for human face detection is presented through experimental investigation. The advantage of using skin color is that the structure of the face is strongly represented in its description along with its(More)
We introduce a novel approach for online facial components tracking based on energy minimization criterion. The tracker, known as EMoTracker, employs template matching as the principal technique. As feature appearance changes during tracking, template matching suffers in providing good detection results. Therefore, instead of utilizing only the similarity(More)
This paper reports a comparative study on using Mahalanobis distance and skin color range to segment the skin region. It also studies the effect of using skin region segmentation for face detection. Range of 1σ from the skin color mean in CbCr channel is used to segment the skin region, instead of using Mahalanobis distance. Ranges more than(More)
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