Shahram Shariati

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With growing use of roadheaders in the world and its significant role in the successful accomplishment of a tunneling project, it is a necessity to accurately predict performance of this machine in different ground conditions. On the other hand, the existence of some shortcomings in the prediction models has made it necessary to perform more research on the(More)
ABSTRACT: Selecting transport equipment is one of the most important and basic parts in the planning of every project, particularly mining projects due to holding a high charge of the total project's cost. So it can affect the fact that the project is economical or not. Criteria and a variety of parameters have an influence on the selection of equipment,(More)
Three quarters of the world’s phosphate deposits are of sedimentary origin and 75%–80% of those include carbonate gangue. In this study, carbonate sedimentary phosphate deposits of the Lar Mountains of southwest Iran are studied. These deposits consist mainly of calcite, fluorapatite, quartz, kaolinite and illite, with an average P2O5 grade of 9%–10%(More)
Article history: Received October 15, 2013 Accepted January 24, 2014 Available online March 6 2014 Electricity distribution systems are considered as the most critical sectors in countries because of the essentiality of power supplement security, socioeconomic security, and way of life. According to the central role of electricity distribution systems, risk(More)
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