Shahram Bahadori

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Detecting, locating, and tracking people in a dynamic environment is important in many applications, ranging from security and environmental surveillance to assistance to people in domestic environments, to the analysis of human activities. To this end, several methods for tracking people have been developed in the field of Computer Vision using different(More)
This article reports the state of advancement of the RoboCare project, which was launched in December 2002 to address the problem of providing assistance to elderly people using a combination of software, robots, intelligent sensors and humans. It addresses the creation of a multi-agent environment in which all these actors cooperate synergistically in(More)
Surveillance of public environments, and in particular of museum rooms, is an important activity that requires the use of different computer and telecommunication technologies. In this paper we describe a semi-automatic surveillance system that is based on a 3D reconstruction of a museum environment, obtained by a stereo vision system, that allows for(More)
Using robots to assist rescue personnel in mine rescue missions is an active area of research. We are going to develop a robot to send it into the mine to gather information about the environment inside a mine and to search for victims. Coal mine is a dangerous place in which many fatal factors are dangerous for human life, especially when blasts occur.(More)
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