Shahnaza Tursunova

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Correct estimation of the available bandwidth in overlapped WiFi WLANs environments is one of the essential functions for efficient network resource management and seamless mobile service provisioning of QoS-guaranteed realtime multimedia applications in future Internet. In this paper, we propose a cognitive passive estimation of the available bandwidth(More)
Mobile IPv6 takes long time to perform Layer 2 and Layer 3 handover which seriously affects the Quality of Service (QoS), especially for real-time services. In this paper, we propose an enhanced handover mechanism across heterogeneous environment with multiple network interfaces in a Mobile Node with the Media Independent Handover (MIH) Services as defined(More)
This paper proposes an implementation of IEEE 802.21 MIH (Media Independent Handover) in Linux kernel space for cognitive and smart handovers. In the proposed scheme, the surrounding wireless access network information is collected and provided by IEEE 802.21 MIH, and the mobile node (MN) performs time-limited smart scanning with interleaved packet delivery(More)
Distributed fault management and event notification are essential in Inter-AS Traffic Engineering (TE). In this paper we design and implement distributed fault management for WBEM based inter-AS TE. We designed DMTF Managed Object Format (MOF) based Managed Object (MO) for fault management. Using the Event Model in standard Common Information Model (CIM) in(More)
In this paper, we propose an enhanced cognitive resource management for QoS-aware service provisioning in wired and wireless home/office network. We enhance QoS-aware customer network management (Q-CNM) system. The Q-CNM controls overall management process in home/office network, gathers network information, and processes incoming requests through QoS-aware(More)
A grid resource management with SLA (service level agreement)-based resource brokering is essential in building effective Next Generation Grid system. A SNAP (service negotiation and acquisition protocol)-based community resource broker with three-phase commit protocol has been proposed to enhance the performance of Grid resource broker, but the job(More)
As virtualization technology matured, the concept of virtual network environment has emerged. One of the major beneficiaries of the virtualization technology is the cloud computing technology. Because of the flexibility of virtualization, the cloud computing services can serve various needs of its customers more efficiently. This paper is related to an(More)
To guarantee the user-requested QoS and to keep the network utilization at maximum, the performance management of DiffServ-over-MPLS is essential. The performance management function monitors the network utilization and verifies the network performance compared with the agreed SLA (Service Level agreement). Constraint-based routing for guaranteed QoS(More)