Shahla Ramzan

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Missing data is an important issue in almost all fields of quantitative research. A nonparametric procedure that has been shown to be useful is the nearest neighbor imputation method. We suggest a weighted nearest neighbor imputation method based on Lq-distances. The weighted method is shown to have smaller imputation error than available NN estimates. In(More)
The main objective of this paper is to develop groups of the districts of Punjab province of Pakistan to assess the development and the distribution of resources in the province. For tracking the progress towards Millennium Development Goals (MDG) for education, health, water supply & sanitation, government of the Punjab has conducted two Multiple Indicator(More)
Due to insufficient clean water resources wastewater is largely used for irrigation of vegetables in many developing countries, particularly in Pakistan. As a result, vegetables in spite of providing nutrients also accumulate toxic metals and causes health risks. In the present study, comparison of heavy metal contents, using two digestion methods, in fresh(More)
In this paper internally homogenous groups of the districts in the Punjab province of Pakistan are explored on the basis of their socio-economic indicators. The methodological approach is based on cluster analysis. The government of Punjab is dedicated to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDG) for poverty, health, education and water & sanitation. The(More)
This paper aims at testing weak form efficiency of Karachi stock exchange (KSE) market of Pakistan. Different parametric and nonparametric tests of random walk model are used. The bid and offer rates of Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) of Pakistan for the period March 2000 to October 2011 are considered for investigating the weak form efficiency. The return(More)
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