Shahirina Mohd Tahir

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Programmable embedded media server based video surveillance system is prevalent as it has the capability to accommodate large network of cameras. The implementation of a wide range of programmable security analytics application in PC-based platform demands high processing bandwidth and high-end hardware specification requirements. This is due to(More)
Face detection is a stepping stone to all facial processing systems such as face recognition with the task of determining face region from the input frame for applications like surveillance and law enforcement. However, face detection is a computational expensive process and thus, with acceleration it can influence the performance of the system. The latest(More)
MATLAB is a very useful tool when it comes to simulating the bit error rate (BER) of a WiMAX 802.16e system. However, despite its flexibility, the time taken for a simulation to be completed is rather significant. This is due to the time cumulated to simulate a sufficient number of frames to get an accurate result. Multiple simulations with varying(More)
Burn wound infection delay the grafting, prolongs hospital stay and responsible for septicemia. Burn wound infection is due to immunosuppression in burns patients, colonization of burn wound, translocation of microbes from gastrointestinal tract and over growth of the resistant organism due to prolong use of topical and systemic antibiotics. Objective: To(More)
Objective: To analyze causative organisms causing burn wound infection during two different periods and compare the results with respect to sensitivity and resistant to different antibiotics. Study Design: Observational, cross sectional study. Duration of the study: April 2006 to Dec 2012. Setting: Burn Emergency Unit, Liaquat University Hospital.(More)
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