Shahina Haque

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In the first phase of this paper, we describe the construction of a Bangla speech synthesizer. In the second phase, we discuss our work on Bangla nasal vowel. Nasality is one of the distinctive characteristic of Bangla phonemes. We discuss methods employed for transforming Bangla oral vowel to the corresponding nasal vowel counterpart and its application to(More)
Graphene has a variety of intrinsic characteristics that make it an ideal candidate to be applied in many different fields starting from electronics, optoelectronics, energy (solar, batteries, supercapacitors), touch screen and display technology, lighting, sensors, biotechnology, and up to composites. However, to have excellent properties does not ensure a(More)
— Conventional methods uses Fourier Transform (FT) for Bangla vowel synthesis which has resolution problem. In order to produce better accuracy, we attempted Wavelet Transform (WT) with several wavelet families for analyzing and synthesizing the seven Bangla vowels. The parameters for performance evaluation for selecting optimal wavelet for Bangla phoneme(More)
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