Shahin Nariman

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Ventilation and perfusion lung scans were performed in 58 patients before operation for bronchial carcinoma to determine in which patients the lung scan was most useful for assessing mediastinal spread and resectability of the tumour. Perfusion of the affected lung was less with larger and more centrally situated tumours. Perfusion was also less for(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, various noninvasive respiratory support (NRS) of ventilation has been provided more in neonates. The aim of this study was to compare the effect of HFNC with NCPAP in post-extubation of preterm infants with RDS after INSURE method (intubation, surfactant, extubation). METHODS A total of 54 preterm infants with RDS (respiratory(More)
Introduction: Clinical competence of nurses working in the neonatal intensive care units together with advancements in medical science and technology increased the survival rate of newborns that need specialized care. To ensure the quality of care and provide the safety of patients, evaluating the clinical competence of nurses seems necessary. This study(More)
BACKGROUND The survival of neonates who have been admitted to the NICU, especially premature infants with few mortality and morbidity, is the most important attitude. OBJECTIVES We presumed whether urinary uric acid/creatinine (UUA/Cr) ratio can be a marker of mortality and adverse outcome in neonates which were admitted to the NICU. PATIENTS AND(More)
A 16-day-old female was referred with congenital swelling on her right shoulder. On examination, there was a hard, round, ecchymotic, nontender, slightly movable, warm and shiny 10x15 cm mass on the right axillary pits which was extended to the right side of neck and chest wall. The mass separated the shoulder from the chest wall causing paralysis of right(More)
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