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BACKGROUND AND HYPOTHESIS Although the biological underpinnings of immediate and protracted trauma-related responses are extremely complex, 40 years of research on humans and other mammals have demonstrated that trauma (particularly trauma early in the life cycle) has long-term effects on neurochemical responses to stressful events. These effects include(More)
Focal arterial infarction in the full-term newborn is an important cause of acquired cerebral lesions in the perinatal period. Clinical motor seizures, most often unifocal, are the nearly constant disclosing symptom confirmed by focal EEG abnormalities. A multifactorial physiopathology is usual, including genetic and perinatal environmental factors. In the(More)
OBJECTIVES Very premature birth carries a high risk of neurocognitive disabilities and learning disorders. Acquiring sufficient speech skills is crucial to good school performance. METHODS A prospective study was conducted in 2006 to evaluate speech development in 55 children born very prematurely in 2000 at the Rouen Teaching Hospital (Rouen, France),(More)
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