Shahidul Pramanik

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Germinal Center (GC) is a functional module positioned in strategic locations of the lymphatic network in the animal body, which is known to play an important role in immune response [1]. Its formation and function can be explained and analyzed from computational point of view using the Neural Network Technology. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to(More)
Digital documents in an organization are usually classified into static secrecy levels such as top-secret, secret, confidential and unclassified. Factors such as changes in the user hierarchy and addition of new projects generally require a change in a document's importance. Enforcing such changes in relative importance (RI) of documents protect the(More)
Capability acquisition graphs (CAGs) provide a powerful framework for modeling insider threats, network attacks and system vulnerabilities. However, CAG-based security modeling systems have yet to be deployed in practice. This paper demonstrates the feasibility of applying CAGs to insider threat analysis. In particular, it describes the design and operation(More)
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