Shahidul Islam

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Motion-based control of video games has gained significant attention from both academic and industrial research groups for the unique interactive experiences it offers. Of particular research interest has been the control of games through gesture-based interfaces enabled by 3D cameras that have recently been made affordable. However, existing research has(More)
The p68, a prototypic member of DEAD-box protein family, is involved in pre-mRNA splicing, RNA-induced silencing and transcription regulation. However, the role of plant p68 in stress tolerance and molecular targets responsible for this has not been reported. Here, we report the isolation and characterization of salinity-induced pea p68 (Psp68). The(More)
The control of computers and electronics through hand gestures has gained significant industry and academic attention lately for the usability benefits and convenience that it offers users. Of particular research interest has been the control of living room environments containing televisions and set-top boxes. However, existing research has failed to(More)
Recent evidence points to the protein arginine methyltransferase (PRMT) family of enzymes playing critical roles in cancer. PRMT7 has been identified in several gene expression studies to be associated with increased metastasis and decreased survival in breast cancer patients. However, this has not been extensively studied. Here we report that PRMT7(More)
A novel real-time depth-mapping principle and camera where pulsed laser light is combined with a gain-modulated camera and a phase-locked loop control of laser intensity is described in this paper. The depth resolution is variable depending on the resolution of the camera and of the gating possibilities of the sensor. A sensor of 1 Mpixel is used providing(More)
A gesture-based human computer interface can make computers and devices easier to use, such as by allowing people to share photos by moving their hands through the air. Existing solutions have relied on exotic hardware, often involving elaborate setups limited to the research lab. Gesture recognition algorithms used so far are not practical or responsive(More)
(RNAi) is a process of post-transcriptional mRNA degradation that is triggered by double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) or 21–26 nt small interfering RNA (siRNA) stable transformation with a vector can form dsRNA is generally used for RNA-mediated gene silencing system, and siRNA is commonly observed in these transgenic plants as RNAi (Wesley et al. 2001; Klahre et(More)
Gesture Control dominates presently the research on new human computer interfaces. The domain covers both the sensors to capture gestures and also the driver software which interprets the gesture mapping it onto a robust command. More recently, there is a trend to use depth-mapping camera as the 2D cameras fall short in assuring the conditions of real-time(More)