Shahidul Islam

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E-cadherin is a transmembrane glycoprotein that mediates calcium-dependent, homotypic cell-cell adhesion and plays an important role in maintaining the normal phenotype of epithelial cells. Disruption of E-cadherin activity in epithelial cells correlates with formation of metastatic tumors. Decreased adhesive function may be implemented in a number of ways(More)
Sixty-five patients with histologically proven chronic active hepatitis of unknown cause but associated with the antiliver/kidney microsome antibody type 1, confirmed by immunofluorescence and immunoprecipitation, were selected as forming a special entity. This disease was found to be rare with a prevalence of 5/1,000,000. The female to male ratio was 8:1.(More)
E- and N-cadherin are members of the classical cadherin family of proteins. E-cadherin plays an important role in maintaining the normal phenotype of epithelial cells. Previous studies from our laboratory and other laboratories have shown that inappropriate expression of N-cadherin by tumor cells derived from epithelial tissue results in conversion of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the costs incurred by patients during the intensive and continuation phases of the current 6-month tuberculosis (TB) regimen in Bangladesh and Tanzania, and thus identify potential benefits to patients of a shorter, 4-month treatment regimen. DESIGN The validated Stop TB patient cost questionnaire was adapted and used in interviews(More)
Growth, grain production, and physiological traits were evaluated for Hordeum marinum, Triticum aestivum (cv. Chinese Spring), and a H. marinum-T. aestivum amphiploid, when exposed to NaCl treatments in a nutrient solution. H. marinum was more salt tolerant than T. aestivum and the amphiploid was intermediate, both for vegetative growth and relative grain(More)
A supply of safe drinking water is a recognized global concern. The arsenic contamination of groundwater in Bangladesh and other countries has furthered this concern. Lack of appropriate water options is one of the main barriers to the supply of safe drinking water for 30-60 million people who are exposed to the risk of drinking arsenic-contaminated water(More)
To investigate three possible causes of the acute hemolysis in the hemolytic-uremic syndrome, we studied prospectively 207 children and 34 adults with shigellosis in Bangladesh. Nineteen children showed acute hemolytic anemia, a leukemoid reaction, thrombocytopenia and oliguria; nine other had, in addition, a serum urea nitrogen level of over 100 mg per(More)
There have been few reports of parasuicide from Pakistan, where the act is considered to be a criminal offence and the Islamic religion strongly disapproves of it. In order to address the problem, a retrospective case report analysis of all index cases of parasuicide presenting over a period of 3.5 years to a university hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, was(More)
CONTEXT African Americans have a lower total serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] but superior bone health. This has been referred to as a paradox. A recent publication found that free serum 25(OH)D is the same in black and white individuals. However, the study was criticized because an indirect method was used to measure free 25(OH)D. A direct method has(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer 1 (BRCA1) protein inactivation in sporadic ovarian carcinoma (OC) is common and low BRCA1 expression is linked with platinum sensitivity. The clinical validation of BRCA1 as a prognostic marker in OC remains unresolved. PATIENTS AND METHODS In 251 patient samples from the NCIC CTG clinical trial, OV.16, BRCA1 protein expression(More)