Shahida Sulaiman

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Mobile Web pre-caching (Web prefetching and caching) is an explication of performance enhancement and storage limitation of mobile devices. In this paper, we present the granularity of Rough Set (RS) and rough set based inductive learning in reducing the size of rules to be stored in mobile devices. The conditional attributes such as Timestamp, Sizedocument(More)
Visualizing the artifacts of a software system graphically has proven to improve the cognitive strategies and understanding of the subject system by programmers. This is more crucial when they need to maintain a software system with outdated documentation or without system documentation at all. Many tools have emerged and they predominantly consist of a(More)
—Both Web caching and pre-fetching is a ubiquitous technique that can increase the speed of Web loading process. As mobile context has limited resources like speed and memory, a better technique for Web loading process is vital. This paper proposes a new technique known as an Intelligent Mobile Web Pre-fetching (IMWeP) that creates pre-fetching in a mobile(More)
E-learning is a one of e-services that has been used in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) since 2005 so-called as e-Learning@UTM. The demand for e-learning content rose dramatically in every semester. The e-learning servers became graver during the increasing number of users for each semester. Nevertheless users often experience poor performance when they(More)
The web has become the main platform for deploying business and social application and organizational information systems. Web Project management is relatively new field of knowledge, which has been dynamically developing. Goal of project management is providing solutions to existing problems, ranging from simple problems of preparing a wedding to setting(More)
Code clone is known as identical copies of the same instances or fragments of source codes in software. Current code clone research focuses on the detection and analysis of code clones in order to help software developers identify code clones in source codes and reuse the source codes in order to decrease the maintenance cost. Many approaches such as(More)