Shahida Sulaiman

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Automatic programming assessment has recently become an important method in assisting lecturers and instructors of programming courses to automatically mark and grade students' programming exercises as well as to provide useful feedbacks on students' programming solutions. As part of the method, test data generation process plays as an integral part to(More)
Visualizing the artifacts of a software system graphically has proven to improve the cognitive strategies and understanding of the subject system by programmers. This is more crucial when they need to maintain a software system with out-dated documentation or without system documentation at all. Many tools have emerged and they predominantly consist of a(More)
Object-oriented has been widely used in software development. Hence, learning object-oriented concepts is crucial in undergraduate Computer Science or Information Technology programs. Learning object-oriented programming requires high concentration to understand the whole concepts before embarking on the practical aspect. It could be difficult for some(More)
This research is intended to improve the ‘Theory of Inventive Problem Solving’ TRIZ methodology by integrating with the Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) tool; Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). This integration works as a support tool to assist the TRIZ practitioners or design engineers. AHP is employed to rank ideas generated by TRIZ in order to(More)
Most computer-aided software engineering (CASE) products provide visualization utility to view software artefacts developed. Nevertheless, existing methods or approaches in such tools are limited to generating the views or component dependencies that is focusing on ‘what’ the output of reverse engineering process. The online help provided by(More)
Adopting design pattern while designing web applications can promote reusability and consistency of the web application. Without the adoption of design patterns or wrong selection of them will make the development of web application more complex and hard to be maintained. Thus knowledge in design patterns is essential in selecting the most appropriate(More)
One of the roles of e-government portals is to provide a one-stop service to users. In order to fulfill this role, it requires collaboration with other government agencies and businesses to provide an effective one-stop center for users to access and perform various services. Current e-government portals are mostly lack of interoperability whereby users(More)
The demand for Internet content rose dramatically in recent years. Servers became more and more powerful and the bandwidth of end user connections and backbones grew constantly during the last decade. Nevertheless users often experience poor performance when they access web sites or download files. Reasons for such problems are often performance problems(More)
Web caching is a technology to improve network traffic on the Internet. It is a temporary storage of Web objects for later retrieval. Three significant advantages of Web caching include reduction in bandwidth consumption, server load, and latency. These advantages make the Web to be less expensive yet it provides better performance. This research aims to(More)