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In this paper, we have evaluated the cell coverage area for LTE and WiMAX technology theoretically for different frequencies and environments in wireless communication systems. The evaluation was done based on the propagation model-COST HATA231 model, which is suitable for LTE in various environments. Based on this model, we have determined the cell radius(More)
Fourth generation wireless communication systems feel the necessity of transparent and seamless user roaming with end-to-end connectivity. These systems also demand higher data rate, higher mobility support and QoS guarantees due to rapid development of wireless and mobile networks. These requirements open potentials for the operators to increase their(More)
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) is a non-invasive technique which shows great promise in providing neurological information on healthy subjects and clinical patients by mapping functional activation within the brain. The functional structure of human brain, the correlation between neural activities and the Blood-Oxygen-Level Dependent (BOLD)(More)
An approach has been made to develop a decision-making system (DMS), which will take decision under complex environment. The probability of uncertainty guides the respective system to define the direction automatically to take the decision. The system allows abstract knowledge to be reusable in different situations to process, construct and conclude(More)
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