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To investigate the learning curve and perioperative outcomes of single-site robotic cholecystectomy during the first 102 cases by a single surgeon. A retrospective review of a prospectively maintained database was performed on the first 102 cases of single-site robotic cholecystectomy. Patients were divided into five chronological groups based on the date(More)
BACKGROUND Mesenteric vascular ligation is a critical step in minimally invasive colorectal surgery. This study assessed the quality of in vivo and ex vivo sealing of the human inferior mesenteric artery (IMA), as well as the relation of IMA stump and bursting pressure. PATIENTS AND METHODS This was a prospective experimental study in a tertiary-care(More)
AIM To analyze the clinical spectrum of acute mesenteric venous thrombosis (AMVT), to assess the factors affecting the outcome and to determine the optimal management of this disease. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the case records of 20 patients with acute mesenteric venous thrombosis confirmed on CT imaging or on laparotomy over a 23 year period.(More)
Amoebic liver abscess is an endemic in developing countries but few cases of associated vascular complications have been reported. The authors report a very rare vascular complication of hepatic veins and inferior vena caval (IVC) thrombosis extending into the right atrium in a young male with large amoebic liver abscess. Optimal result was achieved with(More)
The prevalence and clinical spectrum of acute mesenteric venous thrombosis (AMVT) in Pakistan is largely unknown. The authors report two patients with acute mesenteric, portal and inferior vena cava venous thrombosis confirmed on CT imaging. The diagnoses were established within 24 hours of presentation and both patients were successfully treated with(More)
Here peristaltic activity for flow of a Prandtl-Eyring material is modeled and analyzed for curved geometry. Heat transfer analysis is studied using more generalized convective conditions. The channel walls satisfy complaint walls properties. Viscous dissipation in the thermal equation accounted. Unlike the previous studies is for uniform magnetic field on(More)
Detection of polypoid lesions of the gallbladder is increasing in conjunction with better imaging modalities. Accepted management of these lesions depends on their size and symptomatology. Polyps that are symptomatic and/or greater than 10 mm are generally removed, while smaller, asymptomatic polyps simply monitored. Here, a case of carcinoma-in-situ is(More)
Amoebic liver abscess (ALA) is endemic in south Asian countries. The current study was undertaken in order to evaluate the clinical spectrum, management and outcome of ALA at an urban tertiary care hospital in Pakistan. The chart notes of 232 ALA patients admitted from 1 January 2000 to 31 August 2007 were retrospectively reviewed. The most frequent(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite much effort, obesity remains a significant public health problem. One of the main contributing factors is patients' perception of their target ideal body weight. This study aimed to assess this perception. METHODS The study took place in an urban area, with the majority of participants in the study being Hispanic (65.7%) or(More)
BACKGROUND The Enseal (Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Blue Ash, Ohio) tissue-sealing device has proven efficacy for ligation of vessels<7 mm in diameter, even with significant supraphysiologic bursting pressures. We aimed to evaluate the safety of Enseal in porcine vessels>7 mm. MATERIALS AND METHODS The lumbar aortas of pigs that were euthanized for unrelated(More)