Shahid Siddiqi

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Transcephalic impedance (the resistance of the head to the flow of a 100 mu-amp alternating current) was measured serially during the first eight days of life in 93 neonates, ranging in gestational age from 26 to 43 weeks. Data compiled from the 70 clinically normal neonates showed an increase in mean trancephalic value with gestational age; this mean(More)
Measurements of size distributions are provided for the breakage of commercial packed bakers' yeast cells as a function of operating pressure and number of passes through a Manton Gaulin high-pressure homogenizer. A two parameter model was developed, based upon the use of a Boltzmann function, to simulate the changes in size distribution that accompany the(More)
Experiments were carried out aimed at establishing the effects of equipment scale down on the disruption of Baker's yeast cells in high pressure homogenisers. Data are reported on the cell debris particle size distribution (PSD) and on total protein release as a function of the applied pressure for two valve geometries and three scales of operation covering(More)
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