Shahid Naseem

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— High level security is an essentially required in the communication and information sharing on the network clouds. Intrusion detection system (IDS) is being used to detect violations and malicious behavior over networks and hosts. Purpose of our paper is to provide an Intrusion detection system to detect and prevent the malicious behavior on the cloud(More)
Brevibacterium linens (B. linens) DSM 20158 with an unsequenced genome can be used as a non-pathogenic model to study features it has in common with other unsequenced pathogens of the same genus on the basis of comparative proteome analysis. The most efficient way to kill a pathogen is to target its energy transduction mechanism. In the present study, we(More)
Purpose-The purpose of this paper is to develop an " Intrusion Detection Architecture for Distributed Systems using Game Theory Approach " for interaction between nodes (normal or malicious) and IDS as a repeated game. Methodology-We inject a small sample of simulated attacks into the network traffic and use the system response to these attacks to define(More)
The Bela Ophiolite (BO) is part of the Alpine-Himalayan orogenic belt. Rocks of BO were formed in both MORB and suprasubduction zone settings and include both ultramafic and mafic compositions. The ultramafic rocks were serpentinized after harzburgite. Orthopyroxene is more abundant than clinopyroxene. Serpentine commonly occurs as angular and medium sized(More)
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