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In this paper, we present an automatic method for estimating the trajectories of Escherichia coli bacteria from in vivo phase-contrast microscopy. To address the low-contrast boundaries in cellular images, an adaptive kernel-based technique is applied to detect cells in each frame. In addition to intensity features, region homogeneity measure and class(More)
Many eukaryotic developmental and cell fate decisions that are effected post-transcriptionally involve RNA binding proteins as regulators of translation of key mRNAs. In malaria parasites (Plasmodium spp.), the development of round, non-motile and replicating exo-erythrocytic liver stage forms from slender, motile and cell-cycle arrested sporozoites is(More)
The bulk alignment of actin filament sliding movement, powered by randomly oriented myosin molecules, has been observed and studied using an in vitro motility assay. The well established, actin filament gliding assay is a minimal experimental system for studying actomyosin motility. Here, we show that when the assay is performed at densities of actin(More)