Shahid Ikramullah Butt

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Frequency domain Normalized Convolution (NC) process is widely performed on images to retrieve and extract valuable information in noisy and distorted environment. Genetic Normalized Convolution (GNC) is carried out for features extraction in an image or features reconstructions in a distorted image. In this paper a hybrid approach is adopted where robust(More)
Cranes are widely used all over the world in industrial sector to reduce the man hours and increase efficiency. It is used for carrying load from one place to another, during this movement there are often undesired vibrations and fluctuations of lifted payload which needs to be controlled. Conventional PID techniques such as tuning of PID gains through(More)
This research work is aimed at optimizing the availability of a framework comprising of two units linked together in series configuration utilizing Markov Model and Monte Carlo (MC) Simulation techniques. In this article, effort has been made to develop a maintenance model that incorporates three distinct states for each unit, while taking into account(More)
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