Shahid H. Bokhari

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The problem of optimally assigning the modules of a program over the processors of an inhomogeneous distributed processor system is analyzed. The objective is to assign modules, wherever possible, to the processors on which they execute most rapidly while taking into account the overhead of interprocessor communication. Factors contributing to the cost of(More)
The problem of finding the maximum of a set of values stored one per processor on an n X n array of processors is analyzed. The array has a time-shared global bus in addition to conventional processor-processor links. A two-phase algorithm for finding the maximum is presented that uses conventional links during the first phase and the global bus during the(More)
The problem of finding an optimal dynamic assignment of a modular program for a two-processor system is analyzed. Stone's formulation of the static assignment problem is extended to include the cost of dynamically reassigning a module from one processor to the other and the cost of module residence without execution. By relocating modules during the course(More)
MOTIVATION With the potential availability of nanopore devices that can sense the bases of translocating single-stranded DNA (ssDNA), it is likely that 'reads' of length approximately 10(5) will be available in large numbers and at high speed. We address the problem of complete DNA sequencing using such reads. We assume that approximately 10(2) copies of a(More)