Shahid H. Abbassi

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With the increase in population, vehicle traffic has also increased on roads; which have caused an increase in accidents, due to which many people have lost their lives and millions are injured annually. Hence, a foolproof and secure Vehicular Adhoc Network (VANET) structure is required to reduce the number of accidents considerably. In this paper, a VANET(More)
1 ABSTRACT VANETs are considered as networks of critical future importance, with the main concern being the safety of travelers and infrastructure. A lot of methods for coordination and channel allocation in the context of VANETs are being introduced. As such, the need of a framework to reliably compare the relative performances of different channel(More)
Human lives face a big threat posed by road accidents. Pre-danger information must be communicated in real-time, in order to implement preventive measures to avoid accidents. To communicate information about hazards is the major goal in mind while designing Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETs). This will hopefully reduce the number of road accidents. We(More)
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