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Male peer support and a feminist routing activities theory: Understanding sexual assault on the college campus
Routine activities theorists traditionally have assumed offenders' motivation and victims' suitability from demographic correlates, and have done little to study effective guardianship. In this paperExpand
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‘We are all vulnerable’
Ironically, while scholars and policy-makers have long referred to hate crime as a ‘message crime’, the assumption that those beyond the immediate victim are likewise intimidated by the violence hasExpand
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The Role of Profeminist Men in Dealing With Woman Abuse on the Canadian College Campus
Stopping woman abuse on the North American college campus has not been very successful thus far. There is a major backlash, where students, faculty, and administrators too often either feel that theExpand
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Perceived collective efficacy and women's victimization in public housing
Although it has not yet been applied to domestic violence and other types of crime in Canadian public housing, the social disorganization/collective efficacy model described in this article may helpExpand
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Youth Criminal Justice Policy in Canada: A Critical Introduction
In the past ten years, much has changed in terms of youth justice policies in Canada as well as in the way Canadian society has evolved. Canada has a new Act governing youth crime, and there areExpand
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Experiences of Muslim and Non-Muslim Battered Immigrant Women With the Police in the United States
Little research has been conducted to distinguish the unique experiences of specific groups of interpersonal violence victims. This is especially true in the case of battered Muslim immigrant womenExpand
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The meanings and motives for women's use of violence in Canadian college dating relationships: Results from a national survey
Data from a Canadian nationwide representative sample of 1,835 female college students were used to test a variety of propositions about women's use of violence in dating relationships. It has becomeExpand
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A Comparative and Exploratory Analysis of Socio-cultural Factors and Immigrant Women’s Mental Health within a Canadian Context
The purpose of this study was to explore the influence of macro-level factors on immigrant and non-immigrant women’s mental health status in a Canadian context. This study was part of a larger studyExpand
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Violence against and the Harassment of Women in Canadian Public Housing: An Exploratory Study
Aucune etude nord-americaine n'a examine de facon syste'matique l'importance des divers types degressions sexuelles, notamment le harcelement sexuel et racial, que subissent les femmes dans lesExpand
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Women's Fear of Crime in Canadian Public Housing
That women have a greater fear of crime than men has often been termed irrational or paradoxical, but this article joins those who argue that the gendered nature of fear is well grounded. The authorsExpand
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