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The idea of continuously monitoring well-being using mobile-sensing systems is gaining popularity. In-situ measurement of human behavior has the potential to overcome the short comings of gold-standard surveys that have been used for decades by the medical community. However, current sensing systems have mainly focused on tracking physical health; some have(More)
PURPOSE Automated systems able to infer detailed measures of a person's social interactions and physical activities in their natural environments could lead to better understanding of factors influencing well-being. We assessed the feasibility of a wireless mobile device in measuring sociability and physical activity in older adults, and compared results(More)
Modern motor protection relays are capable of long-term failure monitoring and diagnostics based on information collected by a powerful data acquisition system. This includes predicting lifetime of motors. This paper presents an advanced algorithm capable of performing such tasks. It is applicable to different types of rotating electric machines depending(More)
This study was aimed to evaluate the synergistic effects of polyamines (PAs) and plant growth regulators (PGRs) on in vitro propagation and stevioside production in Stevia rebaudiana (Stevia). A large-scale in vitro propagation protocol was established for leaf explants on Murashige and Skoog medium (MS) supplemented with various combinations of PAs and(More)
In this paper, a geodesic α-invex subset of a Riemannian manifold is introduced. Geodesic α-invex and α-preinvex functions on a geodesic α-invex set with respect to particular maps are also defined. Further, we study the relationships between geodesic α-invex and α-preinvex functions on Riemannian manifolds. Some results of a non smooth geodesic α-preinvex(More)
SN-38, 7-ethyl-10-hydroxycamptothecin, is the active metabolite of Irinotecan (CPT-11), a topoisomerase I inhibitor commercially available as Camptosar. SN-38 is approximately 200-2000-fold more cytotoxic than CPT-11. Despite its promising anticancer potential, SN-38 thus far has not been used as an anticancer drug due to its poor solubility in any(More)
BACKGROUND SN-38, 7-ethyl-10-hydroxycamptothecin, is a biologically active metabolite of irinotecan. Its poor solubility restricted its development as an anticancer agent. We have developed an easy-to-use liposome-entrapped SN-38 (LE-SN38) and evaluated its toxicology, pharmacokinetics and antitumor efficacy profile. MATERIALS AND METHODS Toxicity and(More)
BACKGROUND GLI2, a zinc finger transcription factor, mediates Sonic hedgehog signaling, a critical pathway in vertebrate embryogenesis. GLI2 has been implicated in diverse set of embryonic developmental processes, including patterning of central nervous system and limbs. In humans, mutations in GLI2 are associated with several developmental defects,(More)