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Primary squamous cell carcinoma of the parotid gland is a rare aggressive malignancy. It is a rapidly advancing lesion which, if not recognised and treated early, results in high morbidity and mortality. Despite radical surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy, prognosis of this cancer continues to be poor. Careful clinical and histological examination is(More)
AIMS To ascertain the cytological diagnosis of metastatic lesions with special reference to the clinicopathological analysis of the primary site in cases of epithelial and non-epithelial tumors. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred seventy-one suspected metastatic lesions were aspirated with a 22-23G needle and the smears were fixed and stained. The cases in(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the risk factors and assess the short-term prognosis and independent prognostic factors of cases of gallbladder cancer. METHODS A retrospective analysis of the data of 52 patients of gallbladder cancer was done. Clinical presentation, laboratory investigations, treatment given, operative findings and histopathological findings were(More)
Breast cancer is known from ancient time,and the treatment strategy evolved as our understanding of the disease changed with time. In 460 BC Hippocrates described breast cancer as a humoral disease and presently after a lot of studies breast cancer is considered as a local disease with systemic roots. For most of the twentieth century Halsted radical(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to study the expression of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition markers E-cadherin and vimentin in precancerous lesions of the oral cavity and oropharynx and to use the specific pattern of expression to predict invasiveness. METHODS This cross-sectional study looked at 87 cases of oral and oropharyngeal lesions obtained between(More)
BACKGROUND Delayed reporting resulting in advanced stage disease is a common problem in Indian cancer patients. This study analysed the impact of various sociodemographic and psychosocial factors on the delayed reporting to Healthcare Professional (HCP) in oral and oropharyngeal cancer patients. METHODS This cross sectional observational study was(More)
Peroxynitrite is a potent oxidizing and nitrating agent and has in vivo existence. Several studies have shown the damaging role of this molecule in biological system. Human serum albumin (HSA), being most abundant plasma protein, is easily targeted by different oxidizing and nitrating agents. Free radicals increase the onset of different cancers as evident(More)
DNA damage is one of the leading causes of various pathological conditions including carcinogenesis. Crotonaldehyde is a 4-carbon unsaturated bifunctional aldehyde which is found ubiquitously and produced both exogenously and endogenously. It reacts with deoxyguanosine and form adducts with DNA. These adducts were detected and found involved in tumor(More)
The mutagenic effect of gamma rays, ethyl methane sulphonate (EMS) and sodium Azide (SA) used either singly or in combination were observed for induced genetic variability for yield and yield traits in M and 2 M generation in the two cultivars of Basmati rice. The observation mean range and coefficient of variation (CV) 3 suggest that the mutagen treatment(More)
INTRODUCTION In our study, we have treated cases of early glottic carcinoma by two different dose-fractionation schedules in relation to overall treatment time. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is an analysis of 29 patients with invasive, previously untreated T1and T2squamous cell carcinoma of true vocal cord that was treated by radical radiation therapy. (More)