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The purpose of this paper is to present a comprehensive study of latest and most famous facial features extraction techniques and as well as classification techniques. We studied these techniques in two different perspectives; one is spatial domain and other is frequency domain. We found many advantages and disadvantages of each technique inside one domain(More)
The energy demand of residential end users has been so far largely uncontrollable and inelastic with respect to the power grid conditions. In this paper, we describe a scheme to solve multiple knapsack problems (MKP) using heuristic algorithms. Keeping total energy consumption of each household appliance under certain threshold with maximum benefit is(More)
— In recent years, recommendation systems have seen significant evolution in the field of knowledge engineering. Most of the existing recommendation systems based their models on collaborative filtering approaches that make them simple to implement. However, performance of most of the existing collaborative filtering-based recommendation system suffers due(More)
Web services are playing an important role in organization to improve their business. As web service applications are platform independent so large scale distributed systems can be developed easily using web services. As per organization requirements it is very difficult task to finding most suitable web service from large collection of web services for(More)
Recently, different types of service demand by subscribers of Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Long Term Evolution (LTE) Network is continually on the increase and this necessitated the introduction of Self-Organizing Network (SON) functionalities in LTE systems. Load balancing is one of the major issues in self-optimization process of SON that(More)
In this paper, we introduce a generic architecture for demand side management (DSM) and use combined model of time of use tariff and inclined block rates. The problem formulation is carried via multiple knapsack and its solution is obtained via ant colony optimization (ACO). Simulation results show that the designed model for energy management achieves our(More)
Based on TiO2 as a model system, the sol-gel one step facile method is established to fabricate the macro-porous morphology films on the basis of Marangoni effect. In this proposed mechanism, the binary mixture of hydrophilic CuCl2 and lipophilic Ti-O network is used in sol to produce phase separation. A suitable evaporation rate in the gel film process(More)
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