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The modern and innovative medical applications based on wireless network are being developed in the commercial sectors as well as in research. The emerging wireless networks are rapidly becoming a fundamental part of medical solutions due to increasing accessibility for healthcare professionals/patients reducing healthcare costs. Discovering the routes(More)
Now a day ad hoc mobile networks (MANETs) have lots of routing protocols, but no one can meet maximum performance. Some are good in a small network; some are suitable in large networks, and some give better performance in location or global networks. Today, modern and innovative applications for health care environments based on a wireless network are being(More)
Mobile ad hoc network-a revolutionary concept in itself, is a collection of wireless mobile nodes that are dynamically and arbitrarily located in a fashion that the interconnection between nodes are capable of changing in a continual basis. MANET has increasingly gained popularity, especially with the military and it is the aim and zeal of technology to(More)
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