Shaheen Ahmad

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Abstruct-In order to use a wrist-mounted sensor (such as a camera) for a robot task, the position and orientation of the sensor with respect to the robot wrist frame must be known. We can find the sensor mounting position by moving the robot and observing the resulting motion of the sensor. This yields a homogeneous transform equation of the form A X = XB,(More)
We present two schemes for planning the time-optimal trajectory for cooperative multi-manipulator system (CMMS) carrying a common object. We assume that the desired path is given and parameterizable by an arclength variable. Both approaches take into account the dynamics of the manipulators and object. The first approach employs linear programming(More)
R OBOT ARMS have been traditionally used III pick-and-place-type assembly operations, where the arm's repeatability and resolution have been two key issues. Modern robots are often programmed by "teach playback" schemes, where the human operator ensures the end effector reaches the work point by closing the sensing loop, see Fig. 1. However, as the "teach(More)