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The mean latency and duration of electromyographic silent periods were compared in normal subjects and patients with symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. The silent periods were evoked in the masseter muscle by electrical stimulation of the mental nerve area and recorded at 100% and 50% of maximum masseter EMG activity. Two silent periods(More)
The present study was carried out on 429 children below 6 years of age from a village in Bani-Suef governorate to show the schistosomiasis prevalence rate among them. Direct sedimentation techniques of the urine and stool beside an indirect serological test (Dot-ELISA) were used for the diagnosis. The results indicate 14.5% and 26.3% positive cases as(More)
The prevalence, intensity and clinical manifestations of onchocerciasis were investigated in three village communities along the Bahr El Arab and its tributaries in Southern Darfur, Western Sudan. Onchocerca volvulus has not been reported from this region before. Over 300 people were examined and the selection of patients was aimed at obtaining a(More)
BACKGROUND Glucose is the main source of energy for organ function in neonates. There are few published recent data on neonatal glucose levels during cesarean delivery. METHODS A case (cesarean delivery) -control (vaginal delivery) study was conducted at Khartoum Hospital Sudan to compare blood glucose levels of term newborns born after elective cesarean(More)
This study was carred out on fifty children suffering from Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis and attending ophthalmology outpatient clinics of Sohag University Teaching Hospital and Sohag Ophthalmology Hospital, of them 30 (60%) male and 20 (40%) females with age range from 6months to 14 years. Fifty stool samples were collected and examined microscopically(More)
Twelve patients with hepatosplenic bilharziasis were compared with another twelve control group. They were divided into three subgroups of four patients each. The duration of suxamethonium tacrine apnea was measured in the first subgroup, while in the second subgroup, the suxamethonium tacrine apnea was calculated after a previous dose of suxamethonium. The(More)
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