Shahab Sokhansanj

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Development and implementation of integrated biomass supply analysis and logistics model (IBSAL) Abstract This paper describes the framework development of a dynamic integrated biomass supply analysis and logistics model (IBSAL) to simulate the collection, storage, and transport operations for supplying agricultural biomass to a biorefinery. The model(More)
Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) is a promising cellulosic biomass feedstock for biorefi neries and biofuel production. This paper reviews current and future potential technologies for production, harvest, storage, and transportation of switchgrass. Our analysis indicates that for a yield of 10 Mg ha –1 , the current cost of producing switch-grass (after(More)
Wood chips, torrefied wood chips, ground switchgrass, and wood pellets were tested for off-gas emissions during storage. Storage canisters with gas-collection ports were used to conduct experiments at room temperature of 20 ° C and in a laboratory oven set at 40 °C. Commercially-produced wood pellets yielded the highest carbon monoxide (CO) emissions at(More)
Occurrence of mold was visually monitored for 26days on samples of major anatomical components of corn stover maintained at several storage temperatures (T) and water activities (a(w)). Glass desiccators with saturated salt solutions placed in temperature controlled chambers provided simulated storage conditions with temperatures ranging from 10 degrees C(More)
Mechanical densification is a process of transforming loose biomass into dense pellets. In this study, a wood pelleting plant was chosen to evaluate the total energy consumption, environmental emissions and cost of pellet production using different alternative fuels for the drying process. The fuels compared were natural gas, coal, dry and wet sawdust, and(More)
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