Shahab Hussain

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Mobile WiMAX is a rapidly growing broadband access technology based on IEEE 802.16 suite of standards. Supporting fast and seamless handover is a key requirement for the implementation of an efficient mobility framework in WiMAX systems. The IEEE 802.16 standard defines only the handover management framework but does not specify any specific handover(More)
This paper proposes and devises a novel, simple, and cost effective PON-based 4G mobile backhaul RAN architecture that enables redistributing some of the intelligence currently centralized in the Mobile Packet Core (MPC) platform out into the access nodes of the RAN. Specifically, this work proposes and devises a fully distributed ring-based EPON(More)
A WiMAX TDD frame contains one downlink subframe and one uplink subframe, the capacity allocated to each subframe is a system parameter that should be determined based on the expected traffic conditions. Normally, the load in downlink is higher compared to uplink, hence the downlink subframe is expected to have a longer duration. The split between downlink(More)
BACKGROUND Communication is a key component in medical practice. The area of pediatric palliative care is emotionally distressing for families and healthcare providers. Inadequate communication can increase the stress and lead to mistrust or miscommunication. MATERIALS AND METHODS Reviewing the literature on communication between physicians, patients, and(More)
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