Shah Mostafa Khaled

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Several industries are using legacy softwares, developed with Structured Programming (SP) approach, that should be migrated to Object Oriented Paradigm (OOP) for ensuring better software quality parameters like modularity, manageability and extendability. Automating SP to OOP migration is pivotal as it could reduce time that take in the manual process.(More)
Legacy software, often written in procedural languages, could be a major concern for organizations due to low maintainability. A possible way out could be migrating the software to object oriented architecture, which is easier to maintain due to better modularity. However, a manual migration could take significant time and thus an automated process is(More)
Image enhancement processes an image to increase the visual information of that image. Image quality can be degraded for several reasons such as lack of operator expertise, quality of image capturing devices, etc. The process of enhancing images may produce different types of noises such as unnatural effects, over-enhancement, artifacts, etc. These(More)
With the advancement of imaging science, image enhancement has become an important aspect of image processing domain. It is necessary to gather a comprehensive knowledge regarding the existing enhancement technologies to identify and solve their problems and thus to elevate the current image enhancement methodologies. This paper provides the underlying(More)
Object detection has been a focus of research in human-computer interaction. Skin area detection has been a key to different recognitions like face recognition, human motion detection, pornographic and nude image prediction, etc. Most of the research done in the fields of skin detection has been trained and tested on human images of African, Mongolian and(More)
The potential benefit of migrating software design from Structured to Object Oriented Paradigm is manifolded including modularity, manageability and extendability. This design migration should be automated as it will reduce the time required in manual process. Our previous work has addressed this issue in terms of optimal graph clustering problem formulated(More)
Addressing the problem of spam emails in the Internet, this paper presents a comparative study on Naïve Bayes and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) based modeling of spammer behavior. Keyword-based spam email filtering techniques fall short to model spammer behavior as the spammer constantly changes tactics to circumvent these filters. The evasive(More)
In stressed condition, several specific transcription factors bind to corresponding regulatory elements or motifs resulting in the expression of appropriate genes, which helps the plant to survive in that condition. Till now, several motifs have been identified though computationally validating those motifs is a major research concern. Considering this, we(More)