Shah Monir Hossain

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Antibiotic resistance, a global concern, is particularly pressing in developing nations, including India, where the burden of infectious disease is high and healthcare spending is low. The Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership (GARP) was established to develop actionable policy recommendations specifically relevant to low- and middle-income countries(More)
OBJECTIVE Effective early management at home level and health seeking behavior in case of appearance of danger signs are key strategies in Acute respiratory Infections (ARI) and Acute Diarrheal Diseases (ADD) where majority of episodes are self-limiting and viral in origin. Integrated Management of Childhood illnesses (IMNCI) also envisages that family and(More)
In spite of the high prevalence of malaria in Southeastern Bangladesh, there remains a significant shortage of information regarding the presence of three of five human malaria parasites: Plasmodium ovale, P. malariae, and P. knowlesi. The presence of P. ovale and P. knowlesi has previously never been reported from Bangladesh. We used a genus- and(More)
This document is intended as a guide to the protocol development for trials of prophylactic vaccines. The template may serve phases I-IV clinical trials protocol development to include safety relevant information as required by the regulatory authorities and as deemed useful by the investigators. This document may also be helpful for future site(More)
BACKGROUND Female health workers in India face an increasing workload that affects their performance. We did a study in 2 districts of West Bengal, India, to quantify their workload and identify determinants of good performance. METHODS We randomly sampled female health workers from the health department's list. First, we quantified the time allocated to(More)
The authors report the first indigenous case of Plasmodium ovale infection from Bangladesh. The diagnosis was confirmed by PCR and sequence analysis. The patient had neither been outside of the country nor ever received blood transfusions. The authors concluded that there was evidence for a local transmission of P ovale malaria in Bangladesh. P ovale(More)
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