Shah Md. Mahbub Alam

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Technology MARA (UiTM), Malaysia. He is a Doctorate in E-commerce. Prior to joining at UiTM he was a coordinator of Postgraduate program and an active member of the faculty research committee in the Faculty of Business and Law at Multimedia University, Malaysia. His teaching and research interest are internet marketing, E-commerce, mobile E-commerce. His(More)
Osteomyelitis may pose as a diagnostic dilemma on various imaging modalities and may be confused with neoplasms and other pathology. Although a rare finding, extra-osseous fat fluid level, especially when associated with spongy bone destruction, can be considered a specific sign of osteomyelitis. Previously, only two cases of extra-osseous fat fluid level(More)
Reference and information services have always been the main component of library services. They provide personalized assistance to library users in accessing suitable information resources to meet their needs. This paper attempts to describe the paradigm of reference and information services in the digital library environment. This paper highlights the(More)
Serratia is one of the most important groups of bacteria which produces proteolytic enzymes effectively and known to possess anti- inflammatory properties. The main focus of the current study was to optimize the culture conditions of Serratia marcescens VITSD2 for the mass production of serratiopeptidase. Effect of various nutritional and environmental(More)
—A new antenna structure is formed by combining the concept of reconfigurable planar antenna array (RPAA) with the parasitic elements to produce beam steering patterns. The antenna has been integrated with the PIN diode switches that enable the beam to be steered in the desired direction. This has been done by changing the switch state to either on or off(More)
According to the American National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), the first signature recognition system was developed in 1965. Then the research continued in 1970 focusing on the potential of geometric characteristic of a signature rather than dynamic characteristic. Nowadays, signature is a commonly used identification procedure. Everyone would be(More)
One way to tackle the problem of motorcycle accidents between junctions (links) is to segregate motorcycles from other traffic using an exclusive motorcycle lane. This paper presents a preliminary analysis on the impact of the motorcycle lane in reducing link motorcycle accidents along Federal Highway F02, Malaysia. The study has shown that there has been a(More)
Recently reinforced concrete walls have gained greater acceptance from many countries in conjunction with the Industrialized Building System (IBS). Essentially, the system gives an advantage in reducing the dependency of foreign labour and a better investment in technologies, techniques and processes of construction. Steel fabric reinforced concrete wall(More)
  • Shah Alam, Malaysia Junaidah, Ahmad Kalana
  • 2010
Increase in the end of life of electrical and electronic products depends on the economic growth of the country, population growth, market penetration, technology upgradation, and obsolescence rates. It can be assumed that the disposal of electronic products is fundamentally driven by the production of new ones. The management of electronic waste has become(More)