Shah Faaiz Alam

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Young consumers are playing an important role in online shopping. The increasing use of Internet by the younger generation in Malaysia provides an emerging prospect for online retailers. If online retailers know the factors affecting Malaysian young consumers’ buying behaviour, and the associations between these factors and type of online buyers, then they(More)
According to the American National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), the first signature recognition system was developed in 1965. Then the research continued in 1970 focusing on the potential of geometric characteristic of a signature rather than dynamic characteristic. Nowadays, signature is a commonly used identification procedure. Everyone would be(More)
The applicability of visible spectrophotometry technique as a tool to determine the drug content of polymeric film for use as a transdermal drug delivery system was investigated. Hydroxypropylmethycellulose (HPMC) was selected as the matrix polymer and nifedipine as the model drug. Blank and nifedipine-loaded HPMC films were prepared using the solvent(More)
Numerical simulation of CIGS solar cell has been carried out in this study to investigate the performance of the solar cell with different band-gap and thickness of the absorber layer. In this paper, we also introduce the effect of Ga content on solar cell material parameters. The aim of this work is to check the device performance like open circuit(More)
Serratia is one of the most important groups of bacteria which produces proteolytic enzymes effectively and known to possess anti- inflammatory properties. The main focus of the current study was to optimize the culture conditions of Serratia marcescens VITSD2 for the mass production of serratiopeptidase. Effect of various nutritional and environmental(More)
Recently reinforced concrete walls have gained greater acceptance from many countries in conjunction with the Industrialized Building System (IBS). Essentially, the system gives an advantage in reducing the dependency of foreign labour and a better investment in technologies, techniques and processes of construction. Steel fabric reinforced concrete wall(More)
This paper we study the condition where the water hammer effect is occurs in pipe line. Water hammer can cause the pipe to break if the pressure is high enough. The experiment will be set-up to investigate the water hammer effect in order to avoid the water hammer effect happen. The prevention of water hammer effect will be propose and prove the prevention(More)
Antioxidant activities of extract and solvent-solvent partition fractions from the orchid flower, Dendrobium Sonia ‘Red Bom’ were evaluated. Flower of Dendrobium Sonia ‘Red Bom’ was extracted with acidified methanol. The residue was redissolved in water which was then subjected to solvent– solvent partition with organic solvents. Crude extract (CEDS) and(More)
111101-8989 IJCEE-IJENS © February 2011 IJENS I J E N S Abstract High intensity rainfall of more than 100 mm had caused the low-lying areas such as at Taman TTDI Jaya and Batu Tiga area within Damansara Catchment to be heavily inundated, resulting in properties damage and tangible losses up to millions ringgit. This paper presents a 3D hydrodynamic flood(More)