Shah Bakhtiar Nasir

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Viruses belonging to the Flaviviridae family primarily spread through arthropod vectors, and are the major causes of illness and death around the globe. The Flaviviridae family consists of 3 genera which include the Flavivirus genus (type species, yellow fever virus) as the largest genus, the Hepacivirus (type species, hepatitis C virus) and the Pestivirus(More)
0 0 0-bis[(2-phenoxy-pyrimidine-jN 1)copper(II)](Cu—Cu) The complete dinuclear molecule of the title complex, O) 2 ], is generated by a centre of inversion. The Cu II atom is in a distorted octahedral coordination geometry defined by four O atoms derived from four bridging acetate ligands, a terminally connected pyrimi-dine N atom and a Cu atom. For(More)
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