Shah Alam Siddiqui

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We examined the anticancer effects of limonin and imperatorin on various human cancer cells by MTT assay, and the results showed that imperatorin inhibited the cell growth of SNU 449 (liver cancer) and HCT-15 (colon cancer) cells in a dose-dependent manner, while limonin had less effect. Exposure of different concentrations of limonin and imperatorin caused(More)
Conformational searches on three closely related pp60(c-src) protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors of varying potencies were performed to determine a structural basis for their activity. The first was a linear peptide (PDNEYAFFQf), the second its 10-membered cyclic analogue, and the third a cyclic analogue with a para carboxyphenylalanine in place of one the F(More)
The antifungal potential of essential oil and ethanolic leaf extracts of Lonicera japonica Thunb. was evaluated for controlling the growth of dermatophytes. The oil (1,000 ppm) and extracts (1,500 ppm) of L. japonica revealed 55.1-70.3 % and 40.1-65.5 % antidermatophytic effect against Microsporum canis KCTC 6348, 6349, 6591, Trichophyton rubrum KCTC 6345,(More)
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