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Achyranthes aspera (AA) has been used traditionally for the cure of various disorders. However, the action of root extracts of AA as anticancer agent and its cellular mechanism remain unclear. The aim was to screen the antitumor effect of ethanolic (EAA) and aqueous (AAA) root extracts on the growth of colon cancer COLO-205 cells by testing their(More)
The purpose of this current study was to justify the incorporation of complementary and alternate medicine (CAM) in current cancer treatments. The major drawback of anticancer drugs is their nonselective killing, which ultimately leads to attrition of normal cells. Keeping this as the foundation of our study, we made an effort to compare the cytotoxicity(More)
Four different extracts of wheatgrass i.e. hexane, chloroform, methanol and aqueous were used to evaluate the anti-cancer potential on COLO-205 cells. Aqueous extract demonstrated maximum anti-cancer activities with significant inhibition on growth of COLO-205 cells. Anti-proliferative capabilities were also enhanced, as observed from clonogenic survival(More)
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