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Most of the applications in image analysis are based on Freeman chain code. In this paper, for the first time, vertex chain code (VCC) proposed by Bribiesca is applied to improve length estimation of the 2D digitized curve. The chain code has some preferences such as stable in shifting, turning, mirroring movement of image and has normalized starting point.(More)
Automatic face detection is one of the interesting and challenging tasks in the field of computer vision. Face detection is the first and main step in many applications, especially in surveillance systems. In the present paper, a hybrid method is proposed to detect human face under different lighting conditions and complex backgrounds of color images. The(More)
One of the main challenging issues in computer vision is automatic detection and recognition of object classes. In particular, the detection of the class of human faces is a challenging issue, which makes special attention due to the large number of its practical applications, which use face detection as the main and primary step such as face recognition,(More)
Problem statement: Subdivision surfaces were applied to the entire meshes in order to produce smooth surfaces refinement from coarse mesh. Several schemes had been introduced in this area to provide a set of rules to converge smooth surfaces. However, to compute and render all the vertices are really inconvenient in terms of memory consumption and runtime(More)
The goal of this study is to present a concept to identify overlapping rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensisscientific name) leaf boundaries. Basically rubber tree leaves show similarity to each other and they may contain similar information such as color, texture or shape of leaves. In fact rubber tree leaves are naturally in class of palmate leaves, it means(More)
The latest Geographic Information System (GIS) technology makes it possible to administer the spatial components of daily “business object,” in the corporate database, and apply suitable geographic analysis efficiently in a desktop-focused application. We can use wireless internet technology for transfer process in spatial data from server to client or vice(More)
Forming a logical balance between the quality of the file and the scope of data that can be conveyed is the test of steganographic techniques to form such a balance. On top of that, the facts that cannot be covered up are the robustness of the method and security of the vague data. An insertion method which delivers a high level of visual quality and a huge(More)
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