Shafriza Nisha Basah

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Parkinson's Disease (PD) is characterized as the commonest neurodegenerative illness that gradually degenerates the central nervous system. The goal of this review is to come out with a summary of the recent progress of numerous forms of sensors and systems that are related to diagnosis of PD in the past decades. The paper reviews the substantial researches(More)
Jaundice is a yellow discoloration of the skin and/or whites of the eyes that are often seen in newborn infants. The discoloration is caused by a yellow substance called bilirubin. Infants with high blood levels of bilirubin, called hyperbilirubinemia, develop the yellow color when bilirubin accumulates in the skin. The main symptom of jaundice is yellow(More)
In common motion segmentation and estimation applications where the exact nature of objects’ motions and the camera parameters are not known a priori, the most general motion model (the fundamental matrix) is applied. Although the estimation of a fundamental matrix and its use for motion segmentation are well understood, the conditions governing the(More)
Images of a moving object acquired by a static camera typically contain two groups of image correspondences belonging to the object in motion and the static (or nearly static) background. For objects with relatively small motion, there is little distinction between the effect of motion and the background noise. As the type of motion is also not known in(More)
For a population that is moving towards an elderly stage of development, Parkinson's disease (PD) is characterized in the second place for the most common chronic progressive neurodegenerative illness in the world after Alzheimer's disease, which regularly affects older generation. In the next 30 years, this amount is estimated to double due to the increase(More)
Over the past fifteen years, quantitative monitoring of human motor control and movement disorders has been an emerging field of research. Recent studies state the fact that Malaysia has been experiencing improved health, longer life expectancy, and low mortality as well as declining fertility like other developing countries. As the population grows older,(More)
Developing tools for identifying emotional states in human action is seen more challenging area of research and has attracted many researchers recently. In this paper, a new feature extraction method was proposed in identifying emotional states in human knocking. Four discrete categories of emotion such as angry, happy, neutral and sad were analyzed through(More)
Various computer-vision applications involve estimation of multiple motions from images of dynamic scenes. The exact nature of 3D-object motions and the camera parameters are often not known a priori and therefore, the most general motion model (fundamental matrix) is applied. Although the estimation of fundamental matrix and its use for motion segmentation(More)