Shafiz Affendi Mohd. Yusof

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Cultural localization should become a necessary adjunct to technology transfer and global business communication. A recent Siemens study (1999) of mobile phone use in Germany and China highlighted the value of cultural models and culturally localized support information. We will similarly compare cultural orientations and design preferences for websites in(More)
The study of global virtual teams (GVTs) is important in the Information System (IS) field because GVTs employ a work structure that is heavily dependent on information communication technology. Besides the use of technology, GVTs are also composed of people from different cultural backgrounds. As such, GVTs are challenged not only to collaborate and(More)
Although the number of virtual worlds and their participants is growing rapidly, this phenomena is primarily a Western Culture dominated environment. There is little if any attention paid to other cultures. This article examines this issue from an Islamic perspective? It examines the assumption that if virtual worlds are to become a truly global platform(More)
The popularity of Open Source Software (OSS) is increasing as a platform for modern software innovation with the prominent concept of “freedom”. Freedom in OSS innovation is similar to freedom of speech not in term of price. However, less than 2% of the contributors are women in OSS innovation. Minorities including women are often ignored in(More)
Telecentres are physical spaces that provide public access to information and communication technology particularly the Internet for educational, personal, social, and economic development. This paper will closely look into the characteristics of the community that influence the success of telecentres. Although there are a number of influential factors in(More)
The advancement of information and communication technologies such as personal computers, the Internet and mobile phones has enabled people to work any time and anywhere. Teleworking, the practice of setting up home offices for employees with appropriate resources for computing and communication, is one example of this new flexibility. Teleworking brings(More)