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Multi-channel MAC protocols have recently obtained considerable attention in wireless networking research because they promise to increase capacity of wireless networks significantly by exploiting multiple frequency bands. In this paper, we do a comparison between IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.4 and investigate the performance between both using simulations(More)
The Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) is ubiquitous emerging broadband wireless network. However, the open wireless medium, multi-hop multi-radio architecture and ad-hoc connectivity amongst end-users are such characteristics which increases the vulnerabilities of WMN towards many passive and active attacks. A secure network ensures the confidentiality, integrity(More)
Energy efficiency is the main concern of research community while designing routing protocols for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). is concern can be addressed by using energy-harvesting scheme in routing protocols. In this paper, we propose a secure routing protocol that is based on cross layer design and energy-harvesting mechanism. It uses a distributed(More)
Multi-channel assignments are becoming the solution of choice to improve performance in single radio for wireless networks. Multi-channel allows wireless networks to assign different channels to different nodes in real-time transmission. In this paper, we propose a new approach, Multi-channel Distributed Coordinated Function (MC-DCF) which takes advantage(More)
This paper describes studies of a series of macrocyclic β-sheet peptides 1 that inhibit the aggregation of a tau-protein-derived peptide. The macrocyclic β-sheet peptides comprise a pentapeptide "upper" strand, two δ-linked ornithine turn units, and a "lower" strand comprising two additional residues and the β-sheet peptidomimetic template "Hao". The(More)
Intrusion detection system is one of the possible solutions to timely detect the intrusions and alarm for appropriate action. So far many intrusion detection systems have been proposed for ad-hoc networks, however due to the different characteristics, such intrusion detection systems cannot perform well in wireless mesh networks environment. In this paper,(More)