Shafiullah Khan

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The security of wireless sensor networks is a topic that has been studied extensively in the literature. The intrusion detection system is used to detect various attacks occurring on sensor nodes of Wireless Sensor Networks that are placed in various hostile environments. As many innovative and efficient models have emerged in the last decade in this area,(More)
Multi-hop wireless networks are facing some research issues regarding routing protocols and security mechanisms. Multihop decentralized architecture, media access delay, lower link life, and multi-layer security threats are the key challenges which need to be address. The selection of optimal path for routing and the detection of multilayer security attacks(More)
Increasing use of wireless networks has empowered the facility of ubiquitous health monitoring especially in advanced countries. Various small devices are attached to human body forming personalized wireless body area network (WBAN). These small devices interact with each other using different radios and antennas schemes proposed by many researchers around(More)
Infrastructure based IEEE 802.11 wireless mesh networks (WMNs) are new paradigm of low cost broadband technology. The large scale city-wide community-based coverage and multi-hop architecture are such characteristics which are vulnerable to network layer threats, and the adversary can exploit them for large scale degradation of the broadband services. So(More)
1 Biomedical Technology Department, College of Applied Medical Sciences, King Saud University, Riyadh 11633, Saudi Arabia 2 Institute of Information Technology, Kohat University of Science and Technology (KUST), Kohat City 26000, Pakistan Department of Communications, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Camino de Vera 46022, Valencia, Spain 4 School of(More)
Multi-channel MAC protocols have recently obtained considerable attention in wireless networking research because they promise to increase capacity of wireless networks significantly by exploiting multiple frequency bands. In this paper, we do a comparison between IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.4 and investigate the performance between both using simulations(More)
The main objective of DoS attacks is either to completely tie up certain resources or to bring down an entire network so that the legitimate users are not able to access service(s). Flooding, one of the most sophisticated types of DoS attack, is spreading faster and causing more damage. Flooding exploits the huge resource asymmetry between the internet and(More)
Two new furocarbazole alkaloids, 3-formyl-6,7-dimethoxy-furo[1,2]carbazole (1) and methyl-6,7-dimethoxy-furo[1,2]carbazole-3-carboxylate (2), along with two known carbazole alkaloids, 3-formyl-2-hydroxy-7-methoxycarbazole (3) and methyl 2,7-dimethoxycarbazole-3-carboxylate (4) were isolated from the ethyl acetate soluble fraction of Lonicera(More)