Shafiq ur Réhman

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There is an increasing interest in creating pervasive games based on emerging interaction technologies. In order to develop touch-less, interactive and augmented reality games on vision-based wearable device, a touch-less motion interaction technology is designed and evaluated in this work. Users interact with the augmented reality games with dynamic(More)
Genetic variability is a hallmark of RNA virus populations. However, transmission to a new host often results in a marked decrease in population diversity. This genetic bottlenecking is observed during hepatitis C virus (HCV) transmission and can arise via a selective sweep or through the founder effect. To model HCV transmission, we utilized chimeric(More)
Today many large, medium and small companies face complication in instituting a quality improvement programme. In contrast, we can observe that unlike large organizations, small companies find it generally complicated to implement and adjust to quality improvement plans. This is further complex since most software quality models such as capability maturity(More)
We present a hand-and-foot-based multimodal interaction approach for handheld devices. Our method combines input modalities (i.e., hand and foot) and provides a coordinated output to both modalities along with audio and video. Human foot gesture is detected and tracked using contour-based template detection (CTD) and Tracking-Learning-Detection (TLD)(More)
Aging is a major factor involved in neurological impairments, decreased anti-oxidant activities, and enhanced neuroinflammation. D-galactose (D-gal) has been considered an artificial aging model which induces oxidative stress and inflammatory response resulting in memory and synaptic dysfunction. Dietary supplementation exerts valuable effects against(More)
Total sixteen bacterial strains were isolated and purified from the samples collected from sugarcane molasses soil, sewage water and long-chain-hydrocarbon-contaminated area of the Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan. Tolerance to different antibiotics was studied and strains showed multiple antibiotic resistance. All strains were characterized for Gram(More)
In this paper we present a vision based intuitive interaction method for smart mobile devices. It is based on markerless finger gesture detection which attempts to provide a 'natural user interface'. There is no additional hardware necessary for real-time finger gesture estimation. To evaluate the strengths and effectiveness of proposed method, we design(More)
Ethanol induces oxidative stress and its exposure during early developmental age causes neuronal cell death which leads to several neurological disorders. We previously reported that vitamin C can protect against ethanol-induced apoptotic cell death in the developing rat brain. Here, we extended our study to understand the therapeutic efficacy of vitamin C(More)