Shafiq Ur Rehman

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The major aim of surgeons has always been a minimalist approach towards surgery, thereby reducing the complications associated with the surgery. The gold standard treatment for cholelithiasis with cholecystitis is currently the four port laparoscopic cholecystectomy (4 PLC). Recently, a newer technique has been introduced which uses a single port, rather(More)
  • Abedan Farid, Kondori, In L Typeset, Farid Abedan Kondori, I Farid, Abedan Kondori +21 others
  • 2012
From an early age, people display the ability to quickly and effortlessly interpret the orientation and movement of human body parts, thereby allowing one to infer the intentions of others who are nearby and to comprehend an important nonverbal form of communication. The ease with which one accomplishes this task belies the difficulty of a problem that has(More)
The problem addressed in this study investigates the perceived service quality of public and private sector university libraries of Pakistan from its users' perspective. More precisely the study compares the following four aspects between public and private universities: zone of tolerance for overall and individual user groups, dimension wise zone of(More)
Job satisfaction and organizational commitment are the leading issues in Human Resource Management, Psychology and organization oriented studies. Both the attitudes are mutually interrelated and interdependent which influence each other however; the role of job satisfaction in defining the organizational commitment is widely researched topic. This paper(More)
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