Shafiq Alam

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Optimization based pattern discovery has emerged as an important field in knowledge discovery and data mining (KDD), and has been used to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of clustering, classification, association rules and outlier detection. Cluster analysis, which identifies groups of similar data items in large datasets, is one of its recent(More)
To fulfill the increasing demand of business for the latest information, current data integration approaches are moving towards real-time updates. One important element in real-time data integration is the join of a continuous incoming data stream with a disk-based relation. In this paper we investigate a stream-based join algorithm, called mesh join(More)
Clustering is an important data mining task and has been explored extensively by a number of researchers for different application areas such as finding similarities in images, text data and bio-informatics data. Various optimization techniques have been proposed to improve the performance of clustering algorithms. In this paper we propose a novel algorithm(More)
Clustering- an important data mining task, which groups the data on the basis of similarities among the data, can be divided into two broad categories, partitional clustering and hierarchal. We combine these two methods and propose a novel clustering algorithm called Hierarchical Particle Swarm Optimization (HPSO) data clustering. The proposed algorithm(More)
Web session clustering is one of the important web usage mining techniques which aims to group usage sessions on the basis of some similarity measures. In this paper we describe a new web session clustering algorithm that uses particle swarm optimization. We review the existing web usage clustering techniques and propose a swarm intelligence based(More)
Data clustering aims to group data based on similarities between the data elements. Recently, due to the increasing complexity and amount of heterogenous data, modeling of such data for clustering has become a serious challenge. In this paper we tackle the problem of modeling heterogeneous web usage data for clustering. The main contribution is a new(More)