Shaffi K. Pathan

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Now days the use of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is increasing tremendously in different real life applications. This is due to numerous advantages of WSNs such as it doesn’t require centralized process, not required wired infrastructure etc. However WSNs are having constraint of energy limited resources. As compared other wireless networks, energy is(More)
Kerberos has become a mature, reliable, secure network authentication protocol. Kerberos is based on secret key encryption technology. It is the native network authentication protocol in the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system and may be a candidate for use as a general-purpose authentication protocol for large user communities on the Internet. Several(More)
Federated Identity Management (FIM) is viewed as a making a guarantee to approach to encourage secure asset imparting between working together accomplices. An organized study has been done to archive the profits of embracing such frameworks from a client and business point of view. This has brought about a set of profit classifications gathering existing(More)
Back propagation is most widely used in neural network projects because it is easy to train and for its accuracy. Back propagation learning algorithm consists of two facets, the first one generate the input pattern of the network and the another one to adjust the output through altering the weights of the network. The back propagation algorithm can be for(More)
Tracheobronchial foreign bodies when not treated promptly continue to be a source of morbidity and mortality specially in the paediatric population. Chevaliar Jackson, through meticulous analysis of mechanical problems related to foreign bodies in the air and food passages and their solution, created a science of rehearsed and tested instrumental techniques(More)
Cartosat-1 data provides along track stereo data continuously with its fore and aft cameras. 10 bit quantization and near real time imaging between the stereo pairs which improve the image matching accuracies. Stereo data along with Rational Polynomial Coefficients (RPCs), provides an opportunity for photogrammetric processing for DEM and ortho image(More)
The design of energy harvesting device is main part of MAC design. Recently the efficient method for energy harvesting (EH) device design for MAC protocols of WSN is studied. Practically this method proven it's efficient in terms of delivery ratio as well as energy consumption. This approach is focused on system-level considerations for networks(More)
Wireless sensor network is nothing but collection of wireless sensor nodes these are the battery powered devices. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have gained a lot of attention from both the research perspective and actual users. As sensor nodes are generally battery-powered devices, the critical problem was how to reduce the energy consumption of nodes, so(More)
Peer-to-Peer systems are based on collaboration of peers to accomplish tasks. Trust relationship among peers can help to reduce attacks of peers with malicious intent. In this paper we presents algorithms which helps a peer to reason about trustworthiness of other peers based on interactions in the past and recommendations. Peers create trust network using(More)