Shafat Jahangir

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In depletion-all around (DAA) operation of SOI four-gate transistor (G<sup>4</sup>-FET), the conducting channel can be surrounded by depletion regions induced by independent vertical MOS gates and lateral JFET gates. This enables majority carriers to flow through the volume of the silicon film far from both silicon/oxide and p+ gate/n-channel interfaces. A(More)
Variations of count rate with orientation of the detector were investigated. Scaled difference images (SDI) were generated from pairs of arrays acquired at different detector orientations. The hypothesis tested was that any variations could be totally explained by random disintegration noise. We accepted or rejected this hypothesis according to the(More)
The large specific surface, and the associated high density of surface states was found to limit the light output power and quantum efficiency of nanowire-array devices, despite their potential for addressing the &#x201C;green-gap&#x201D; and efficiency-droop issues. The phonon and carrier confinement in nanowires also led to junction heating, and reduced(More)
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