Shady Aly

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Currently, there is an increasing demand for more ecient and practical environmental impact assessment (EIA) tools due to the emerging climate change challenges and need to better evaluate and control impacts of industrial technologies and activities. However, due to the inherent uncertainties, vagueness's of assessment data, traditional EIA methods are(More)
The SMARTDISABLE project aims to provide persons with disability (PWD) the adequate workplace environment in order to smartly access all objects, particularly the information and communication technologies (ICTs), that are relevant to the task of knowledge processing and creation. The technical work of the project involves design of a technological scenario(More)
Establishing a proper environment and synchronizing all the activities among the science park's stakeholders as well as facilitating the communication among them would enrich the academic environment toward establishing a successful eco-system. Information-intensive university search plays an important role in making a successful eco-system that can(More)