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The Smart Help for persons with disability (PWD) is a part of the project SMARTDISABLE which aims to develop relevant solution for PWD that target to provide an adequate workplace environment for them. It would support PWD needs smartly through smart help to allow them access to relevant information and communicate with other effectively and flexibly, and(More)
The potentially attractive exploitation of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) seeks improving performance and quality of life of people inside workplaces (e.g., offices, manufacturing work centers, homes). To succeed at making the implementation of AmI fruitful it is important to understand and objectively quantify the logical relationship among the following(More)
The SMARTDISABLE project aims to provide persons with disability (PWD) the adequate workplace environment in order to smartly access all objects, particularly the information and communication technologies (ICTs), that are relevant to the task of knowledge processing and creation. The technical work of the project involves design of a technological scenario(More)
A new combining criterion, the Multiplicative Proportional Deviative Influence (MPDI) is presented for combining or aggregating multi-expert numerical judgments in Yes-or-No type illstructured group decision making situations. This newly proposed criterion performs well in comparison with the widely used aggregation means: the Arithmetic Mean (AM), and(More)