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In this paper a steganalysis technique is proposed for pixel value differencing method. This steganographic method, which is immune against conventional attacks, performs the embedding in the difference of the values of pixel pairs. Therefore, the histogram of the differences of an embedded image is different as compared with a cover image. A number of(More)
Multi-constraint quality-of-service routing will become increasingly important as the Internet evolves to support real-time services. It is well known however, that optimum multi-constraint QoS routing is computationally complex, and for this reason various heuristics have been proposed for routing in practical situations. Among these methods, those that(More)
Microarray image technology is a powerful tool for monitoring the expression of thousands of genes simultaneously. Each microarray experiment produces large amount of image data, hence efficient compression routines that exploit microarray image structures are required. In this paper we introduce a lossless image compression method which segments the pixels(More)
Microarray is a powerful tool for simultaneous study of the behavior of thousands of genes through analysis of produced images. The correct segmentation of each " spot " of the microarray image is a critical step in the analysis of the results of an experiment. In this paper a graph based method is proposed which automatically performs the segmentation.(More)
Population of old generation is growing in most countries. Many of these seniors are living alone at home. Falling is among the most dangerous events that often happen and may need immediate medical care. Automatic fall detection systems could help old people and patients to live independently. Vision-based systems have advantage over wearable devices.(More)
In this paper, we present a pipeline architecture specifically designed to process and compress DNA microarray images. Many of the pixilated image generation methods produce one row of the image at a time. This property is fully exploited by the proposed pipeline that takes in one row of the produced image at each clock pulse and performs the necessary(More)
Embedding one bit of data per pixel in an image, using steganography methods such as LSB flipping or matching, decreases the security, making them vulnerable to steganalytic attacks. Embedding efficiency, defined as the number of embeddable bits per one change in the cover medium, is a criterion for concurrent evaluation of the capacity and security of a(More)
In this paper an algorithm is proposed which performs near-lossless image compression. For each pixel in a row of the image a group of value-states are considered, which have values close to that of the pixel. A trellis is constructed for every row of the image where the nodes of the trellis are the states of the pixels of that row. The goal of the(More)
Scene parsing is a challenging research area in computer vision, which provides a semantic label for each pixel of the image. Most scene parsing approaches are parametric based which need models that are acquired through learning. In this paper, a new nonparametric approach to scene parsing is proposed which does not require a learning stage. All introduced(More)