Shadrokh Samavi

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Population of old generation is growing in most countries. Many of these seniors are living alone at home. Falling is among the most dangerous events that often happen and may need immediate medical care. Automatic fall detection systems could help old people and patients to live independently. Vision-based systems have advantage over wearable devices.(More)
Multi-constraint quality-of-service routing will become increasingly important as the Internet evolves to support real-time services. It is well known however, that optimum multi-constraint QoS routing is computationally complex, and for this reason various heuristics have been proposed for routing in practical situations. Among these methods, those that(More)
In this paper a steganalysis method is presented for a steganographic routine. The steganography is based on pixel value differencing, PVD, and no attacked has been offered for it yet. By modification of an existing method, that uses chi<sup>2</sup> measure, the PVD steganography was successfully and accurately attacked.
Pixel value differencing (PVD) is a steganographic method which embeds secret data in images based on spatial information. PVD has relatively high capacity but its effectiveness has been questioned by variety of steganalysis attacks. These attacks use the difference histogram quantization to reveal existence of secret data in a stego image. In this paper,(More)
Embedding of confidential data in the least significant bit of an image is still an attractive method of steganography. Utilizing the full capacity of cover images by embedding one bit of data per pixel, using methods such as LSB flipping or LSB matching, usually decreases the security, making the algorithm vulnerable to steganalytic attacks. In this paper,(More)
Adaptive steganography methods tend to increase the security against attacks. Most of adaptive methods use LSB flipping (LSB-F) for embedding part of their algorithms. LSB-F is very much vulnerable against simple steganalysis methods but it allows the adaptive algorithms to be extractable at the receiver side. Use of LSB matching (LSB-M) could increase the(More)
In this paper a steganalysis technique is proposed for pixel value differencing method. This steganographic method, which is immune against conventional attacks, performs the embedding in the difference of the values of pixel pairs. Therefore, the histogram of the differences of an embedded image is different as compared with a cover image. A number of(More)
Microarray image technology is a powerful tool for monitoring the expression of thousands of genes simultaneously. Each microarray experiment produces large amount of image data, hence efficient compression routines that exploit microarray image structures are required. In this paper we introduce a lossless image compression method which segments the pixels(More)